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Unit of Life

Hillsborough Forest, Royal Hillsborough, Down, BT26 6DP
The Cube sculpture in Hillsborough Forest Park

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The Unit of Life is a large scale sculpture with windows into the nature of science. This sculpture is made of various geometrical shapes that the science of nature creates. Hexagons in beehives, basaltic stones that once were molten lava, snow-flakes, spirals from snail shell, growing plants and all other Fibonacci related shapes, such as circles and waves and every other regular shape corresponding to a pattern.

Representing a cube, each side of the sculpture has different shapes for the inquisitive eye to discover.

Some scientists say that humans perceive beauty in patterns. In 1202, a mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo Fibonacci discovered that many shapes in nature exhibit a certain numerical pattern. He called this the Fibonacci sequence.

THE ARTIST: Sylvain Restori draws inspiration for his work from its context. Everything from the specific place, the duration it will take to complete, the climate, the season, the social environment, the people who work on the project and the material.

Sylvain continues to be influenced by his up-bringing. His early life was spent on a farm where he was surrounded by nature helping him understand the circle of life. The physical dimension, the link between the body and the effort are ideas that he brings to his work. The context is also really strong inspiration, because of the contextual reflection that defines the topic.

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