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As part of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council's Food & Drink events calendar for 2019, we are delighted to host a series of 'Learn To' Workshops in the beautiful surroundings of Larchfield Estate on Saturday 12th October 2019. There will be 6 different workshops held during the day that are food and drink focused or which complement the programme.

The 'Introduction to Beekeeping' workshop, is a unique opportunity to learn all about Larchfield Estate's bees with its resident Beekeeper, Ken Baird, in the beautiful surroundings of The Old Piggery. The beekeeping workshop will be the first event to be held in The Old Piggery since its restorative refurbishment. The workshop is ideally suited to those wanting to know more about bees and collecting honey.

 Below is a guide to what will be covered over the 2 hours:

  • What a beekeeper does
  • About Bees
  • Extracting honey

Developing your appreciation of honey bees:

  • Importance as pollinators 
  • The colony - a super-organism
  • Queens, workers and drones (roles/numbers/lifespan)
  • What they forage on and bring into the hive and what they produce (honey, pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly)
  • How they overwinter
  • What's in a hive and how it works (using a new hive with virtual bees/comb/bees). 

What a beekeeper does:

  • Disease and pest control, swarm control
  • Beekeepers' tools - smoker, hive tool, bee suit
  • Extracting honey from comb (uncapping/spinner/sieves)
  • Beeswax - refining and uses - candles, food wraps, art (rolled wax candles, candle moulds, waxed food wraps, encaustic painting)


  • All participants will be given a small jar of honey to take away

THE DETAILS (including T&Cs)

  • Tickets are £20 each (plus fees)
  • Introduction to Beekeeping workshop is suitable for any age (10 yrs up )
  • Duration of Beekeeping workshop is 2 hours
  • There will be a maximum of 20 participants at this workshop
  • Unfortunately, refunds are not possible, but you can transfer your ticket to another person


Dr Ken Baird has always been interested in honey bees and started beekeeping after retiring a Technical Director of Moy Park in 2008. He has been caring for Larchfield's bees for 2 years since Sarah and Gavin decided to resurrect beekeeping in the estate - a longstanding activity until the arrival of the varroa mite in the early 2000s. He is a member of Dromore Beekeepers Association and Honorary Secretary of INIB (The Institute of N Ireland Beekers). He enjoys queen rearing and keeping up with the science and technology of these fascinating insects.

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