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Northern Ireland’s Linen Biennale celebrates the past, present and future landscape of linen through an extended arts festival, presented and hosted by multiple venues across the region. It is taking place in August, September and October 2018.

Every two years R-Space Gallery, Lisburn will lead on a three-month festival of arts, craft and design, including exhibitions and installations, conference, master-classes, and performances under the key themes of Recall, Rethink and Reform. Follow this link to see the variety of events and activities underway.

The Linen Biennale stimulates new thinking about Ireland’s oldest textile products: flax and linen. Reaching out to the last of a generation who worked in the heyday of Ulster’s linen production, the Linen Biennale forms a bridge to connect our internationally renowned linen heritage with contemporary uses and highlight the very best in cutting-edge developments from around the world.

Showing linen’s applications within arts, craft, design and technology from past, present and future perspectives gives the linen story relevance to a wide range of audiences locally, nationally and internationally. Presenting a collective story of Ulster linen in an international context will stimulate new ideas and developments in Northern Ireland.


The conference takes place 3rd and 4th October 2018 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Linen Lace Concrete

This exhibition will showcase innovative linen concrete surfaces, the outcome of a 1 year research collaboration.

Trish Belford (textiles) and Ruth Morrow (architecture) have worked together for 12 years developing patented textile and concrete surfaces. This new work emerges from a collaboration with MYB Textiles, lace weavers in Scotland, Queen’s University and Ulster university producing woven linen textiles suitable for embedding in concrete to create both flat and curved surfaces.

Shuttles & Shafts

This Heritage Lottery funded project will showcase The William Liddell collection of glass plates used in the Jacquard damask weaving of Irish Linen dating back from the early 1900s. This exhibition recognises the worldwide scope and quality of designs created by The William Liddell Company and investigates new techniques, inspired by the past, looking forward. New work has been developed by Trish Belford (printer) and Barbara Dass (weaver) crossing over between weave and print to produce new ideas working both together and separately.

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